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Orchid cybersecurity insurance safeguards small businesses.

COVID-19: Cybersecurity Insurance is Ounce of Prevention for Small Businesses

Without a way to communicate with his patients, Dr. William Scalf sat in his office and waited to treat whoever showed up. A computer virus injected into the electronic medical records system at Brookside ENT & Hearing Services was holding...


Few coastal counties in the United States were spared the wrath of hurricane season.

From Texas to Massachusetts, Hurricane Season Spares Few Coastal Counties

Orchid Insurance offers windstorm coverage to residential and commercial property owners including many who endured the most active hurricane season in recorded history.


A house in Houston suburb flooded from Hurricane Harvey 2017

Property Insurance: Water Leak Repairs Lost in Mix During COVID-19 Pandemic

Even though COVID-19 has kept more people inside than ever before, far too many homeowners may be overlooking interior water leaks and putting off their repairs.


palms at hurricane

Wind Deductible Buybacks Lessen Blow from High Premiums and Frequent Storms

As Tropical Storm Isaias ripped across the Eastern shore the first week of August, Chad Barrick could see a section of the roof lifting just a bit


young woman in medical face protection mask indoors on blue background. Sick person

COVID Claims: Insurers Gaining Upper Hand in Business Interruption Legal Disputes

More than six months after COVID-19 restrictions shut the doors to many


Climate change withered tree and dry earth.

Climate Change Puts Premium on CAT Insurance in Busy Hurricane Season

Torrential rain and heavy winds downed scores of trees and power lines in a Queens community


rain flows down from a roof down

Any Way Wind Blows, Storm Mitigation Can Reduce Property Insurance Costs

Huddled in their bathroom, Lois Watson, her husband, and their daughter could see



The Difference Between the NFIP and Private Flood Market

Flood insurance coverage is a necessity in many parts of the country.


Photo by Gustavo Zambelli on Unsplash

Why Does My Rate Go Up If I Didn’t File a Claim?

Can My Homeowner’s Insurance Rates Go Up Even If I Don’t File a Claim?



How to Mitigate Risk for Your Business

How can business owners mitigate risk?


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