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High Net Worth Personal Auto InsuranceOur carriers have been insuring vehicles since they were first invented – everything from everyday cars to high-end, luxury vehicles. Safety and satisfaction are of utmost importance.

A few key features* of our auto policies include:

Agreed Value — Vehicles are protected on an agreed value basis, regardless of market depreciation

Worldwide Rental Coverage — Covered for damage to a rental car most anywhere in the world

Choice of repair shop

Use of OEM parts only — No knock-off or salvage/repaired parts**

Rental coverage — Up to $12,500 with loss of use and no per day limit

Premium discounts — By combining auto and home insurance, there may be considerable premium savings

Waived deductible in the event of a total loss and high deductible options that can result in reduced annual premiums

Cash settlement option — Optional coverage would allow an agreed value payout should insured not want to keep the vehicle after a covered loss resulting in damage that is more than half of the agreed value

*Coverage/limit may vary by carrier
**with the exception of window glass

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