Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I access the Coastal Broker Rating Site?

The Coastal rating website will be located on the Orchid Website site (, specifically on the Coastal Agents Alliance tab. It can also be accessed directly at:

2. How can I get my agency appointed with Orchid & Coastal?

Apply online: visit, click on Get Appointed, complete the New Agent Application. Our Business Development team will respond to every inquiry in a timely manner.

3. I am currently appointed with Coastal and Orchid do I continue use the same login information?

Yes, Orchid and Coastal Agents Alliance are still operating under two separate rating portals and you should continue to use both rating portals and their respective passwords.

4. I forgot my password for Coastal Agents Alliance, who do I call?

You can call Coastal Agents Alliance at 609-277-7809 extension 108 for all password resets or email Swati Sati at

5. Has the address for Coastal Agents Alliance changed?

Yes, Coastal Agents Alliance is now located at 8025 Blackhorse Pike, Suite 350, West Atlantic City, NJ 08232

6. Has the phone number for Coastal Agents Alliance changed?

No the direct line to Coastal Agents Alliance is still 609-277-7809

7. How do I make a payment for my renewal policy?

Click here for all payment options.

8. What do I do after I bind an account?

Once you bind an account, the completed and signed application and required forms should be emailed to us at within 10 days.

9. Who do I contact if I want to cancel a policy?

All cancellation requests should be sent to our cancellation email: All other policy change requests, new business documents, etc. can be emailed directly to CAA via the process email at They can also be faxed to 609-380-7691 or be mailed to CAA at P.O. Box 1074 West Atlantic City, NJ 08232