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Orchid Connect is focused on maintaining the highest security standards, as result it will prevent customers still using older browser versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and others from accessing our platform.
If you think you are using an older browser version, refer to the updated minimum requirements for using Orchid Connect in the PDF below. If you have any questions relating to the information provided, please contact us connectsupport@orchidinsurance.com and we will be happy to assist you further.
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Agency Appointment

Apply online: Visit orchidinsurance.com, click on Get Appointed, complete the New Agent Application. Our Business Development team will respond to every inquiry in a timely manner.

Please notify us immediately when an employee is no longer employed with your agency. You may e-mail Agency Services at AgencyServices@OrchidInsurance.com or call Click to call. There is a 30-day delay in communications and we constantly monitor undeliverable messages contacts. You can rest assured that if we have been notified, the former employee will no longer have access to agency information.


Standard Delivery
Orchid Underwriters Agency
PO Box 538392
Atlanta, GA 30353-8392
Overnight Delivery
PNC Bank C/O Orchid Underwriters Agency
Lockbox 538392 Phoenix Business Park
1669 Phoenix Business Park, Suite 210
College Park, GA 30349

Make a Payment/Direct Billing (Texas Only)
Orchid Underwriters Agency
P.O. Box 733473
Dallas, TX 75373-3473
Orchid Specialty High Net Worth
200 Corporate Place, Suite 1
Peabody, Massachusetts 01960 978-548-3797

Coastal Agents Alliance, A Division of Orchid
(Personal Lines solutions and online rater in CT, DE, MD, MA, NJ, NY, RI, VA)
For details click here

All markets (except Texas)
No, at this time we only offer agency billing. Payment to us must be made in full and is due within 30 days of the invoice date. Agents should never request binding without having full payment from the insured.

Texas market only
We are currently offering credit card and v-check payment options in Texas only. These payment options can be accessed at http://orchidinsurance.com/payments/. Payment to Orchid must be made in full and is due within 30 days of the invoice date.

Please allow the standard USPS first class delivery timeframe, plus an additional 2-3 days for us to process payment. If you need a payment processed quickly, you may wire funds to us or send via overnight mail (see address below) and we will process the payment as soon as possible. Bank Wire Instructions: For detailed instructions please contact us at accounting@orchidinsurance.com Overnight Delivery for Payments: PNC Bank C/O Orchid Underwriters Agency Lockbox 538392 Phoenix Business Park 1669 Phoenix Business Park, Suite 210 College Park, GA 30349

We utilize agency billing and do not allow monthly payments. All policies must be paid in full within 30 days of the invoice date.

Agencies can make payments with a check or through an ACH or EFT. We do not accept credit card payment at this time.

We do not offer nor accept financing for payment of premiums. It is up to the agency and/or insured to secure their own financing. We can recommend reputable financing organizations such as Premium Assignment, IPFS, Bulldog Finance and Pro Premium Finance. Payment from these entities must be made in full to Orchid.

We invoice within 24 hours of a binding request. We also send out a weekly statement of current and past due invoices. The agent may pay based on the invoice or weekly statement. Many agencies choose to pay monthly. If you choose this option, you must remain current and make consistent payments within 30 days of invoice dates. Payments made after 30 days may be subject to cancellation.

We send statements every Tuesday to keep our agencies informed about payments due for each policy. If there are any credits, you must either request a refund or request a credit on your next payment. If you have any questions regarding your balance, please contact our accounting department at Click to call, Ext. 605 or e-mail Accounting@OrchidInsurance.com.

We generally do not automatically apply credits to current balances. You must request that the credit be applied. However, when payments are late, we do reserve the right to apply credit balances to outstanding balances.

When you receive a NOC due to non-payment of premium, it generally means that we have not received your payment yet and it is over 30 days past due. If payment has been sent, please contact Accounting at Click to call Ext. 605 or e-mail Accounting@OrchidInsurance.com so we know that payment is on the way. A Non-Payment of Premium per Finance Company means the insured has not made their monthly payment.

Orchid Online Agent Portal (Policy Plus)

At this time we do not provide any administrative rights to the portal, only individual users can reset their passwords. All personnel changes must be communicated to Agency Services via email at agencyservices@orchidinsurance.com, or by calling Click to call.

  1. To add a user, please provide the name, phone number, e-mail address and agency code to AgencyServices@OrchidInsurance.com or call Click to call.
  2. To add a producer, please provide the name, phone number, e-mail address, agency code and a copy of the producer license for each state you wish to write business in, to AgencyServices@OrchidInsurance.com or call Click to call.

Policy Forms

We only mail Notices of Cancellation and Rescission directly to the insured. All other documents are e-mailed to the agency. These documents are always available to you in our Policy Plus platform, along with other correspondence and communications. Please know that the agency is responsible for forwarding all documents to the insured and additional interests, which includes mortgagees and premium finance companies.

Find the Customer feature in the Agency Dashboard screen online. Once you find the right policy, click the Endorse button and complete the form online. Make sure to attach supporting documents to avoid any delays

In certain circumstances, a policy bound in the same calendar month can be changed by submitting an endorsement request in our Policy Plus platform with supporting documentation. Please note that backdating a policy is not permitted.

Please contact your underwriter or Accounting (pending the cancellation reason) at Click to call Ext. 605 or e-mail Accounting@OrchidInsurance.com; a signed Statement of No Loss may be required. We cannot guarantee that a policy will be reinstated, but we will try our best.

Information about minimum earned premium is stated on the policy documentation. MEP is always at least 25%, often higher during peak hurricane season and for certain policy types as well. Please contact your Orchid underwriter; different carriers have certain guidelines for cancellations.

Any policy, premium-bearing endorsement or cancellation for a property located in New York must be stamped by the state. This can take up to three weeks, depending on when we receive the correct affidavit forms. Please e-mail Processing@OrchidInsurance.com to check status. When the policy is issued, it will automatically be emailed to you. It will also be added to Policy Plus.

  1. Notice of cancellation (NOC): We can cancel the policy in question on a certain date unless the reason is addressed with accounting or your underwriter.
  2. Cancellation: The policy will cancel or has cancelled as of the specified date.
  3. Rescission: We sent a Notice of Cancellation, but the issue was addressed and we no longer plan to cancel the policy.
  4. Reinstatement: The policy was cancelled but Accounting or Underwriting provided approval to reactivate the policy back in force.

There was probably an issue with the inspection review that should have been communicated. Please e-mail Processing@OrchidInsurance.com for details.

It depends on whether the change results in a material change in the risk profile of the policy. Please contact your underwriter for details.

Coastal Agents Alliance

Coastal Agents Alliance was acquired by Orchid, but still operates independently. Please click below for the CAA website. CAA site