With over $25 billion of insurance in force, Orchid is the First Choice for E&S Homeowners. Available in 50 states, the District of Columbia, the Bahamas, and the Caribbean, Orchid is the industry leader for the higher value home segment ($300,000 minimum Coverage A, less in some states) that are prone to catastrophic events (hurricane, quake, etc.).

Homeowners is Orchid’s largest business. For years, Orchid has invested all of their resources on building this product into one of the largest E&S homeowners’ solutions in the US.

Coastal Homeowners Program:

  • All of Orchid’s solutions are with A- or better A.M. Best rated companies
  • Minimum Coverage A of $300,000, (less in some states), $50,000 for condos
  • Orchid can handle any policy form, including HO3, HO5, HO6, DP3, and Builder’s Risk
  • Multi-peril, Excluding Wind, Wind-only, Excess Flood, Inland Marine
  • Orchid has over 11 unique carrier relationships (several are proprietary): QBE, Rockhill, iCAT, several Lloyds slips, Lexington, Beazley and Aspen (AZ, CA, NV only).
  • Everything is handled electronically and paperless via Orchid’s online system. If you need assistance or a demo, we can help facilitate that.
  • Experienced underwriters can assist with any risk
  • Turnaround time on most quotes is 24 hours or less. Several states offer real-time rating.

In general, Orchid is a great solution for your higher value properties that cannot find a home with admitted carriers. Instead of having to go to multiple wholesalers, you can use Orchid and they will shop the different options on your behalf, to ensure the best price-coverage combination.


  • Breadth of product offerings (All A- or better A.M. Best rated)
  • Unique, proprietary solutions, controlled and underwritten by Orchid


  • Automated, paperless workflow with 24 or less turnaround time
  • Exhaustive underwriting process ensures a full understanding of the risks being insured


  • All submissions reach live underwriters who are subject matter experts
  • Customized solutions are created for each risk

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Please contact Chris Garrett at 919-749-2205 or at cgarrett@orchidinsurance.com.

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RSC agencies receive an enhanced compensation package. Contact Chris Garrett at 919-749-2205 or at cgarrett@orchidinsurance.com for more information.

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