Wind Coverage

Wind Coverage and InsuranceWind Only – In an effort to limit exposures in coastal counties, carriers may offer homeowners coverage without the peril of windstorm included. In cases like this, you can offer your client a separate Wind-only policy. This policy covers damage from hail and wind storms, regardless of whether the damage came from a named storm or everyday storm. There are no other perils covered with this type of policy.

Key Features

  • Our Wind Only minimum is as low as $250,000 in most states
  • Flexibility in our coverage limits as long as they do not exceed the maximum values of:
    • Coverage B 30% of Coverage A
    • Coverage C 70% of Coverage A
    • Coverage D 30% of Coverage A

The Orchid Difference

  • Flexible deductible options as low as 1% in some states
  • Ability to write multi-family dwelling with a maximum of 4 families
  • Can write Protection Class 9 or 10 risk with the appropriate questionnaire completed


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