Direct Bill

We realize your time is important and administering renewal business takes valuable time and adds operating costs. As a valued Orchid partner, we are proud to take on this process for you so you can focus on new business acquisition. Our process is easy.

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Direct Bill Renewal Process

  • 30-45 days prior to renewal – Orchid Underwriters sends renewal documentation to the agency user, insured, and mortgage companies (if applicable). Payments can be made online by agents, insureds, or mortgage companies. If there are any changes to the DE form, please update and e-mail to Orchid at [email protected]. Otherwise, no further action is needed.
  • 15 days prior to renewal – If the payment is not received, a 15-day friendly reminder is mailed to the insured. An email with the reminder and invoice attached is also sent to the agency user.
  • On renewal – If the payment is still not received, an NOC is mailed to the insured and mortgage company (if applicable) and emailed to the agency user. Orchid Underwriters may rescind NOC if payment is received and the policy is not cancelled.
  • Policy will be cancelled 14 days after NOC is issued – Once policy has been cancelled, it may be reinstated with no lapse in coverage if payment and signed No Loss form are received 30* days from the “Effective Date.”

*Beazley and Lexington require payment and signed No Loss form 29 days from the “Effective Date.”

Other Information

  • Commissions will be paid to the agency on a cycle. This cycle ranges from the 10th of each month to the next (e.g., 2/10/2019 – 3/10/2019). Agencies will receive commission payments for all policies paid within the current commission cycle. Commission statements will be enclosed with the checks. Commissions will not be paid until the policy has been paid in full.
  • For properties in CA, CO, CT, DE, KS, MA, MT, NJ, NY, NM, OR, PA, UT, WY, WV: Your agency will need to complete and return the state required forms to [email protected] prior to the renewal effective date.
  • All direct bill renewals currently in process (bound in advance of renewals) will be emailed to the agency accounting contact weekly in the form of a Policy Statement. This provides monitoring of payment status and expected commissions.
  • Since policy documents are generated prior to payment, any policy changes must be done via endorsement. Endorsement billing and refunds will be direct billed to the insured.

The following types of policies will remain under Agency Bill

    • New E&S Personal Lines policies
    • New and renewal E&S Commercial Lines policies
    • E&S USLI, AIG HPDE, Aspen, Dual Aqua, SWBC, Ironshore BR and Market Scout policies
    • E&S Personal Lines renewal polices effective prior to 5/1/2019

Call 772-226-5546 to set up Direct Bill today!

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How to find policy info in Policy Plus

All policy information can be found in the system once you log into Policy Plus.

  • Search Customer Name (top right). The policy numbers are there.
  • Documents/Emails – Click Details for the policy you are looking up. The Documents drop-down will
    pull up all the information you need. The Emails drop-down will show all the corresponding emails and attachments.